How to wear a mini skirt

How to wear a mini skirt

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The first thing to think about when wearing a mini is where are you going if your meeting your boyfriends parents for the first time or going on a job interview don't even think about it. however if your going to the beach or partying with friends its fine an can be very sexy if you were it right. first thing you should never wear one with extremely high heels sure your legs will look hot but it will make the skirt seem even shorter. Also don't wear lace or fish net stockings this isn't in style unless you plan on hanging out on street corner. something you should keep in mind is makeing sure that if your wearing a mini skirt your shirt shouldn't be to revealing you never want to show to much skin.last but not least NO MORE LEGGINGS this trend is so dead. i hope this helps you out an remember to keep it sexy not sleazy.

good luck and high fashion

author, Latecia Brown

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