How to wear a mini skirt

How to wear a mini skirt

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Skirts are sexy. Mini skirts are sexier. I love them all.

Wearing a mini skirt requires some tricks to maximize the beauty the mini skirt offers.

Those who are not to wear mini skirts are girls who are short and whose weight are above average. With average weight, don't get too mini. Short legs are not suitable for mini skirts.

Best girls to wear mini skirts are the ones with longer legs and slim girls. They'll be sexy!

How mini can you go? As long as it's above the knee level, a skirt is considered mini. Slimmer girls can go for shorter skirts. Girls with longer legs do too. But for me, don't go further than half-thigh. That's the limit.

Then, we have many skirt types, although at the same length. Which one to choose? Tight mini skirt, A-shaped mini skirt, flared mini skirt?

I don't like skirts that are too tight. It's not very comfortable. A-shaped and flared are better, but beware: flared can't get too mini or you'll draw unnecessary attention.

Beware the situation as well. A very short skirt (knee-level as the limit) is for informal venues only. Formal situations will only allow 2-3 inches above the knee level, at most.

When doing sports, like tennis, mind your underwear as well. Hot pants will help, or in situations when hot pants are not common to wear, like in tennis, maximize your underwear. Don't wear G-string for such a situation, for example.

In conclusion, do more experiments, since fashion is an art. Rules only serve as guidance. Only we know the real answer, which one suits us best.

author, Artemis

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