How to wear a mini skirt

How to wear a mini skirt

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Before you purchase your mini, decide on the right length. Your skirt should fall right below the thickest part of your leg. Never wear a skirt that is short enough that it shows your backside while you are standing up (I've actually seen that) or slightly bending over. Your skirt should not be indecently short. Next, choose the right style. Pleated works great for girls with flat butts while those of you with butts and hips should choose straighter styles. Miniskirts should generally be avoided if you are very curvy because they will not flatter you.

It's important for your legs to look great so please shave or wax them before wearing a skirt and apply some self tanner ahead of time. Jergens Natural Glow is a great formula but you'll have to apply it for a while before you become tan. If you have blemishes, a body concealer or Sally Hansen spray on "hose" will cover them up. Girls with large thighs can wear dark sheer hose or leggings to slim the legs. Darker skirts will also thin you out. A trick to great legs is to take a bronzing powder and apply it on the outsides parts of your thighs and finish with a shimmer lotion down the center.

Next, know what to wear with the miniskirt. Make sure your shirt does not show too much. Try a tank top, t-shirt, empire waist top, polo shirt, button up, or any other shirt style that doesn't show too much skin. Avoid very low cut shirts, backless styles, and usually tube tops. Pair your skirt with cute flats, wedges, sandals, or flip flops. Flat or wedge boots look great in the winter. Avoid stilettos unless you are going to a club to party and the rest of your outfit could not be mistaken as trashy. Also make sure you don't have panty lines however please don't go commando or wear a g-string with a skirt. Try boyshorts or a tanga instead. Now go out and look hot!

author, Stephanie Heckman

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