How to wear a mini skirt

How to wear a mini skirt

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Scientists tell us that the human mind's interpretation of beauty comes down to symmetry. Does this mean that the best compliment to a micro mini is a tube top? I think even a scientist would beg to differ! The key to pulling off a mini skirt is this - people shouldn't notice you're wearing a mini skirt.

So, how is this achieved? Well ladies, first be honest about you body type. Short skirts do not flatter every body type. They can make a short leg look shorter, and a wide leg look wider. However, if you consider your legs to be one of your best assets, the mini was made for you! The desired affect of the mini is to evoke a sentiment of 'wow, look at those killer legs', not 'I didn't know she shopped at forever 21'.

This brings us to our next point: tasteful vs. trashy. This involves how you wear your mini skirt, what you pair with it, etc. Never, never, wear an overtly sexy (stripper-like) shoe or boot with a mini - that is unless you are heading to a bachelor party for your weekend job. A tasteful, classy shoe is the best way to go, don't detract from your legs.

A classy girl knows that if she's showing a lot of skin in one area, it's best to cover up in the others. For example, that killer backless top should not be paired with your new menswear short shorts - it's just too much skin. A lot of cleavage? Cover those thighs! And vise versa. Therefore, the mini begs for a classy top that is not overly form fitting, and does not scream 'I'm female and here's my proof!'. Let the focus be on your legs, that - after all - is the purpose of a mini skirt, no?

So Ladies, enjoy the mini skirt - but I beg you, do not abuse it! Wear responsibly.

author, Leslie Comstock

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