How to wear a mini skirt

How to wear a mini skirt

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wearing a mini skirt is firstly quite daring and secondly nearly impossible!

Do you need to have the best body ever?

Well believe it or not the answer is no, but their are very important rules that must be followed to get the best look!

The rules are not to look stumpy- achieve this by wearing a longer line top, no revealing flesh on the top half, wear tights and a slight heal, make sure tights and shoes are the same color and preferably match skirt and top, go for similar shades, too many colors can appear to chop your body up, similar or same colors will stream line you. If you want to bear all, make sure legs are bruise and hair free and a bit of a good fake tan would not go a miss!

If your legs are a little bigger, and you don't want to wear tights, try leggings.

Don't look trashy- team the mini with ballet pumps Rather than stilettos, good classic jewelery, not huge and over the top.

Don't do patterns- keep it simple you want to look great not fussy and ridiculous

Wear pants if you are to go without tights or leggings, for obvious reasons!

Don't show too much flesh- go by the rule of only revealing one area if necessary, so if showing legs, don't show boobs, if showing boobs don't show legs etc.

author, Emily White

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