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Mini Skirt in Korea

Korean police officers regularly stopped those young people who were brave enough to make attempts at fashion statements and measured their miniskirts (below) and forcibly cut their hair. Both these photos are from 1973. Even nowadays, many older Koreans won't hesitate to publicly chew out young strangers they think are behaving immodestly.(Full articles)


Caught between the sluts and a hard place

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A free magazine handed out in Suffolk by local police aimed to deter young girls from boozy nights in racy mini-skirts by warning that women 'intent on getting ratted' should make sure they had waxed their legs and were 'wearing nice pants' in case they collapsed.

The magazine then went on to show pictures of young women slumped on the ground next to messages urging them: 'If you've got it, don't flaunt it.(Full articles)


Mini Skirt in the 1960s

The 1960s saw the introduction of the mini-skirt - a very short thigh-length skirt. Patterns and bold colours became popular for fabric.(Full articles)


The mini skirt

The miniskirt was for women, a tool of rebellion. Wearing a hemline at mid-thigh, these women sneered at the social rules put in place by the "wholesome" members of society and decided they would dress as they liked.

The height of the miniskirts popularity was around 1967, when it was practically the only type of skirt being sold to young women.At this time, when many young people were "letting it all hang out," women had grown tired of having to act proper and demure and sought to have the world appreciate them on their terms.

The miniskirt is believed to have originated in either England or France and may have been the most popular fad of all for women. Just when it started to be fully accepted by most of society, the miniskirt craze began diminishing until wearing one had become a novelty.



Keep the Mini-Skirt

Keep the Mini-Skirt - Calling themselves members of 'The British Society for the Advancement of the Mini-Skirt' these mini-skirt enthusiasts were protesting outside Christian Dior's premises in Conduit Street London W1 against Dior's below-the knee-creations The protest coincided with Dior's showing of the Autumn/Winter Collection. - General Decades 1960's


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