How to wear a mini skirt

How to wear a mini skirt

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The different styes that are goin around today. out of control in high school. theres so many styles, clique, or whatever you want to call them.

first you have 'jocks'. They wear their jerseys almost everyday, they go 'pump iron' all day and or night. Their shirts look like thier yelling "I DON"T FIT YOU."

And then you have 'emo' kids. Tight pants, and tight shirts. Silly short black hair in back (usually spiked) and longer hair in front; over an eye. glasses os some sort. they're usually wearing darker clothes, with some chucks (chuck taylor: all stars.)

Next nerds, they generally don't care what they wear (or at least thats what it looks like.) they play games, of all sorts. D&D (dungeons and dragons. yes suprisingly thats still being played) some form of playin cards, like yu-gi-oh or magic the gathering.

then you have ravers. they dont care what anyone thinks. sometimes they'll wear their candy braclets, and fat pants. the pant cuffs can be anywhere from 30in. to +50in. They are always brightly colored in some way, whether its their hair, finger nails, shirts.

author, Vinnie Espinosa

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