How to wear a mini skirt

How to wear a mini skirt

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Well obviously the best place to wear a on the floor beside the bed! -joke (sorry)

So many men would think.

The whole idea of a Mini is to accenuate either the legs the posterior, or if she's very lucky both. Well okay, fashion advice from one that spends all day looking at women and what they wear, wishing they weren't! 3"heels would be a maximum so as not to look, too "come get me." Bare legs are only good, if unblemished & well formed. Tights/stockings, that are sheer or black with a tapered seam running up the back of the leg are good, fishnets only on the right woman and occasion. VPL is of course a no-no. With vey short mini's, a g-string/tanga style underwear, are the only options. With longer mini's, (just above the knee) all styles can be worn providing not frilly but as always check your rear form in the mirror before leaving the house.

How do you know when your too old/big/lumpy to wear a mini? We all want to look sexy. But if we wear clothes that highlight our downfalls, i.e. large thighs/ugly knees/age then it is only going to be a turn-off, or behind your back gossip. Ask people, that will be honest with you and not honest for their own benefit, (sex depraved BF). You might still be able to wear a mini but in a different style.

Going commando in a mini is not advisable as many young stars are experiencing. It doesn't matter how careful you are, if going out in public, others will experience your unintentional flashing. While this is exciting to many, that notice your exquisite prize. To your, girlfriends/potential dates/husbands it could well make them turn against you. So keep this between you and your partner.

author, Paul Laker

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