History of japanese girl's school uniform

History of japanese girl's school uniform skirt length

40 centimeter longest shortest difference!

Some days ago, while reading an article in the Ryukyu "Okinawa prefecture report that skirt length of the designated uniform of the junior high and high school students in 20 years became 4~5 centimeter shorter” news report.

I heard that the Uniform skirt length is 4~5 centimeters longer for 20 years, but it's not a "personal adjustment" regards the uniform and after school dressing, so it isn't quite a big change about the skirt length of "designation uniform"?

Then, is Metropolitan area also a similar trend with Tokyo and Okinawa.

According to a school uniform tailor store [KURI - ORI] "Recently the longest are made ( The width of the belt is not included.) the fixed designation uniform skirt length is up to 81 centimeters. The shortest skirt length is 42 centimeters,".

A big differenceof about 40 centimeters! Tokyo or SUGO had made this skirt shorter.

"The girl's high school raw Look' of transformation school uniform and, plain clothes even the longest thing are the shortest thing"

The "longest record" was recorded, at 80 's.

"DC branded long skirt " Suke van" long skirt uniform are also creating a long skirt trend.A fashionable long skirt and the desination uniform are also becoming a primes these days ".In other words, knee length skirt are common in the 60's. in the In the 70's according to the Tokyo establish high schools required uniform, the voluminous establishment of the municipal high school uniform expo, reflected TSIGIBUMU does influence school uniforms and that miniskirt was the mainstream.

And in the 90 's mini uniform trend once again become a hit of it's return . At this time the 80's uniform fashion must make a change apon the previous standards, the design which becomes less cute is familiar known to present as "in a jacket with plain color, skirt with check patterns" was a basic.

"Female senior high school student's short skirt was a "basic" and is never been related to fashion of the ladies' wear at that time."

Incidentally uniform after the 70's there were very few schools continues the sailor suit or still adopting the sailor suit as an established school uniform, only with place which is from the old days such as prewar days.

By the way what kind of style is the present basic popularity?

"It's a skirt with check patterns in a blazer with plain color (the popularity is dark blue in particular, dark gray). It's quiet popular with students, teacher and school, and the tendency of a manly image is also seen, suiting the upper and lower plain color is also increasing. slenderness is liked by the silhouette of the jacket,".

Also, recently, woman uniform that adopted the chino pants and polo shirt, whether or not they are increasing even the school is able to accept slacks.

"Incidentally, even the school do approves a short skirt. individually it become an era where you can have a choice.

Female senior high school student's uniform have abandon the fashion trend, and now when a diagram of "miniskirt = female senior high school student" was fixed and does the days of longer skirt length be back again?

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