How to wear a mini skirt

How to wear a mini skirt

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What you are going to read is only my personal opinion and is not referred to the last fashion trends.

I like girls and women wearing miny skirts, simply because they're SEXY, showing a certain trust on themselves, not fearing to show their beauty and because they allow we malicious males the "secret" hope of seeing something more....

A cute woman is like a flower; if too covered, she

withers and her beauty is suffocated. Obviously, it's a look for spring and summer or mild-hot climates and it's ideal with high-heeled open shoes (but not too high!), but also with low-heeled open shoes and T-shirts.

Mini skirts are good either in tall and short girls and women

On the other hand, I don't like skirts with an excessively visible, aggressive and provocative look, because, in this way, it becomes pure exibitionism and triviality. Instead, it's good with not too billiant and contrasting colours, like beige, white, pale green, gray and blue and dark brown (but I don't like black); uniform colours or little, delicate decorations and shades, without excessive colour contrast, either in the skirt and on the rest of the clothes.

Short skirts are fine and sexy with short shirts showing the belly, expecially in young women, under 30.

Absolutely, I don't like skirts with VERY high-heels shoes and military, camperos and pointed boots, too vulgar. I don't like also gym or rubber shoes, although not so vulgar like boots and short socks, under the knees.

Also very long and bulky hair are not the maximum, because they tend to make legs too little and short respect to the upper part of the body.

Then, I find mini skirts ridiculous and horrible in fat women but also when they're too slim, enhancing these negative and extreme physical characters.

Surely, it's not easy to choose WHETHER and HOW to wear a mini skirt, because this sets off the beauty of a female body, but also, cruelly, its defects.

Also too old woman (approximately, over 45-50) should avoid mini skirts because they can't show what they haven't any more: YOUTH.

Obviously, the worst are mini skirts on old AND fat women and, sometimes, I've seen also these "monsters".

Finally, I like a bit better to see close-fitting mini skirts, following with more attention the buttocks curves, rather then those of rigid and cylindric shape; I like cotton and stretch cotton, but I don't like velvet, leather and I'm not fond of jeans.

author, Aldo Bonincontro

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