How to wear a mini skirt

How to wear a mini skirt

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Mini skirts are one of those few items of clothing that some people can get oh so wrong.

Mini skirts first became prominent in the swingin' sixties with models like Twiggy sporting them for fashion shoots, with big boots and even bigger eyelashes.

But how to wear a mini in today's world!?

Well first I would recommend studying your legs. If yor tights are lean and slim then a super mini skirt would suit you down to the ground (well not really seeing as how its mini... Ha). Ladies of larger thights would be best advised to wear one that falls just below the largest part of their thighs. For larger thighs I would also recommend wearing heels or a wedge with your mini skirt, especially a shoe of a nude, skin colour. Heels elongate the leg, as do nude colours which give an endless apppearence.

A big look for autumn / winter 07 is tights. Especially coloured tights. White tights with a demure mini is such a sweet innocent look. Coloured tights give a sort of eighties, cool kid look.

My best advice on wearing a mini however is to keep it long on top. There is nothing more alluring than a short skirt and long sleeves. It exudes class and grace and of course leaving something to the imagination. Try to avoid anything strapless or too revealing of your chest when wearing a mini, unless you happen to living in the very sunny Australia!

author, Stephanie Heckman

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