Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA)

This page is devoted to the history of Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA)

Stewardesse uniform (PSA)

PSA's first stewardess was Ramona Tower, hired when the airline started service. She received no formal training, but was very attractive to the predominantly Military crowd travelling PSA. Her first uniform was bought off the rack of a local store, which served for several weeks until a passenger showed up wearing the same outfit.

Her next outfit was the custom green suit, which was worn by the small Stewardess corps between 1949 and 1955.

For the DC-4, stewardesses recieived a new uniform (which I do not have any pictures of, unfortunately.) For the 1958 Fiesta Del Pacifico in San Diego, PSA stewardedsses received special uniforms for the occasion. The rough this time, uniforms were tasteful and classy.

The first major change in uniform was 1962, when the "Banana Skin" was introduced. This brown, form-fitting uniform (shown below on the left) revealed more of the girls' beautiful bodies, and caused eyebrows to raise among the mostly male passengers.


By 1965, the first mini-skirt with pettipants was introduced. The next 11 years of uniform development are shown in the second picture, from the April 9, 1988 San Diego Union. (PSA stewardesses were allowed to wear their old uniforms during the last week of flying).

Parade Magazine featured an article on PSA stewardesses in December 1968.

February 1968 stewardess class.

PSA's first stewards, hand-picked by Andrews. From left - Allan Honda, Peter Ngan, Donald Hom, Howard Jaw, and Clement Levng. Right: Donald Hom receives an introduction from Jan Macy, Paula Maddox, Betty Brayer, and Karen Krull. The first stewards were hired when the 727-200 was placed into service (requiring 4 stews) and were responsible for cocktails. (Marilyn Tritt, in her book "Long Legs and Short Nights", dryly noted that "they were not allowed to do PA announcements, because nobody could understand them. Therefore, let's face it, they were along for the ride.")

August 1970 class. Top: Connie Wright, Lanora, Carol Franklin, Nancy Gueroro, Charly Roetman, Gail Sorenson, Elaine Bowen. Middle: Cindy Mills, Marilyn Maofi, Mary Johnson, Gail Warren, Bev Johnston, Sonja Rustos, Adele Rabin. Bottom: Anna Gustafson, Susan Nail, Mary VanderDussen, Barbara Weir, Wendy Moore Linville, and Debbie George. (Courtesy Wendy Linville and Larry Ahern)

The last of the Minis, modeled on a 737 wing by four of PSA's finest. (PSA)

Flight attendants modeling the PSA uniforms through the years. This was shot in Palmdale on May 6, 1974.

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Photo credits: PSA Skylines/PSA Magazine