How to wear a mini skirt

How to wear a mini skirt

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"How" to wear a mini skirt certainly is a "question" to be thought about in "many" different ways, as it is a "personal" choice to wear a mini skirt to start with, as it is quite a "daring" choice in the beginning for one to make.

"Firstly" from my personal opinion "only" if you are planning on wearing a mini skirt, check the size of your "backside" first,it is "very" important that the skirt does "not" rise more at the back than the front. "If" the mini skirt is raised at the back think! twice about wearing it, being it is "not" a style for you to consider.

"Off" course if you are a "petite" figured lady, you "are" going to get away with a "lot" whilst wearing a mini skirt, however, wear it in "style" not out of character where you look "out" there looking for action "if" you know what i mean? "I" would wear with my mini skirt a nice pair of "high" boots, however, not like "come get me" boots just look at me boots.

"The" mini skirt does look nice on anyone as long as "we" dress it up a bit, the right tights, the right shoes, jacket and tops. "All" these things add to the character of the skirt to our benefit.

"I" believe we do not do a mini skirt the true meaning of it's existence, and have over rated it to be for the working woman on the street. "I" like to wear a mini skirt myself, and "i" feel good in it too because "i" wear it in a feminine manner, not "here i am" what do you want to do with me now.

Also another way of wearing a mini skirt in the winter, would be to have a lovely long jacket, with a bit of fur around the neck line, with the high boots that would be an "attractive" look as far I'm concerned.

"It" is good for every individual whom is wanting to wear a mini skirt to "try" it, to see if a mini skirt is the fashion for them why not have a go?

"Why" not be adventurous, and a little daring in your life , "if" you sit back and don't try something different here and there, you are missing out. "I'm" sure a lot of people out there look at themselves in the mirror and say "oh" no way "" cant do that a mini on me " what a laugh". "Don't" be putting yourself down, you can do it, put it on "look at it" from different angles you will see it isn't so "bad" really.

author, Anita Waites

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