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University student suspended for ‘up-the-skirt’ photos

Here’s a better hobby, taking pics of the guys who do this in the first place. See how it pays off for them with their girlfriends and wives.

University student suspended for ‘up-the-skirt’ photos : National : Home — This is apparently a huge problem in Japan and Korea. But it seems to be cropping up everywhere. I mean, cripes! It’s ridiculous. Are we trying to discourage women from wearing skirts?

A student at Seoul National University has been suspended for taking photographs up women’s skirts in the school library. He had been set to graduate this month.

The 26-year-old dentistry student was caught in the act on November 9 after a Ms. Jeong, a medical student, noticed a flash under the table where she was studying in the school’s main library. She escorted the suspect, a Mr. Jeon, who had been sitting across from her, outside and confronted him.

Jeon initially denied the crime, but he was found to have 50 “up-the-skirt” photographs of women’s legs and underwear stored on his digital camera. At the police station, he finally admitted to taking Ms. Jeong’s picture.



Man says he's filmed women on trams for years

Dan Oakes

A man arrested for using a camera to look up women's skirts on trams might have filmed hundreds of people over four years, police said yesterday.

The man, in his mid-20s and of Asian appearance, used one camera hidden in the toe of his shoe and another disguised as a Walkman to film his victims.

He was arrested on Monday after filming a woman on a tram bound for the CBD. The woman and her partner complained to police, who found the man on another tram travelling down St Kilda Road.

When police went to his nearby apartment, they found photographic equipment and material, including hours of footage. The man admitted to police that he had been filming like this for four years.

"We're appealing to any female who believes they have been photographed or filmed by this male, and for them to take into consideration any strange behaviour, in particular in their personal space, on public transport," said Senior Constable Sue Benskin, of Melbourne East police.

"The victim was quite distraught at the time. It's a very serious offence and we're taking it very seriously."

Senior Constable Benskin said the man had been very effective in concealing the cameras. From the shoe camera, a cord ran up his leg, under his trousers, to a bum bag in which a larger camera was constantly recording. "He's done a very good job of concealing the camera itself … however, he did have a hand-held video camera which he concealed as a Walkman with headphones coming from it, and this is the camera that the victim identified," Senior Constable Benskin said.

Police believe he used the two cameras to match the up-skirt footage with footage of the victims' faces. They are hoping to use the footage discovered at the man's apartment to identify which tram routes he travelled on, and whether he used other forms of public transport.

The man has been released on summons after being charged with causing a public nuisance and stalking, which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years' imprisonment.




Push-up bra hailed "greatest fashion invention ever"

Mar 25, 2008

No wonder the push-up bra has been hailed as the greatest-ever fashion invention.

It beat boot-cut jeans to the title in a poll of 3,000 women.

Pull-in pants, which allow the wearer to hide a wobbly stomach, came third followed by stilettos.

Film director Howard Hughes designed a type of push-up bra for Jane Russell to wear in his 1943 film The Outlaw, although Russell later claimed she never wore it.

In Canada in the 1960s, the Wonderbra was developed and it enjoyed moderate success around the world. But it was not until the early 1990s, when it was marketed with a picture of Eva Herzigova and the words "Hello Boys", that sales started to soar.(Xinhuanet, China)

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