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High School Teacher Arrested for Taking Up Mini-skirt Photos

by Bill

I can’t figure this out.

Are there really really people who get excited, turned on, by pictures of girls’ panties?

Come on, now!

A high school teacher in Japan, 57, was arrested for photographing up a woman’s mini skirt.

His charge - creating a nuisance.

Yeah, don’t you hate it when old guys roll around on the ground and take pictures up women’s skirts?

“Her mini skirt turned me on,” the old geezer said.

And getting old farts excited to the point that they have to have a picture is NOT creating a public nuisance?!

The man used a camera on his cell phone to photograph up the skirt of a 20-year-old college student as he walked past her.

Sex + stupid = sexpid in action.

BTW…what goes Crick, crick, crick, crick, crick….?

All the cameras at a Japanese press conference.


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