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Voyeur Caught Using Shoe-Camera to Look Up Skirts

by Bill

Seriously, I thought only Japanese did this kind of thing.

Bank Worker Busted for Up Skirt Photographing

Not so…

A knucklehead in South Carolina put a camera in/on his shoe and tried to look up skirts at little girls at the mall.

When the little girl’s aunt told her to step aside, the man responded “it’s okay” and then put his foot between her legs.

And, he thought nobody was going to notice this?

The aunt and some kids chased him out of the store and got his license number.

When the police came to the mall to talk with the aunt and the little girl, the man CAME BACK!

The man showed the police where he threw the camera, how he had modified his shoed and what he had been up to, er, trying to look up to.

Did he expect to get off for good behavior?



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