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If elected Islamic party wants impose headscarves and ban miniskirt

Malaysia news - 03/20/2004

Kuala Lumpur (AsiaNews/Agencies)  – The opposition Islamic Malaysian party (PAS) says it will enforce the wearing of headscarves and prohibit non-Muslim women from wearing miniskirts should it win control of the northern state of Kedah. Election polls will open tomorrow, March 21.

Wan Tom Wan Mohamad Noor, head of the women's wing of the PAS party in Kedah, believes that such laws, if applied, will help root out certain crimes committed against women, like rape and incest. Muslim women will have to cover their heads with headscarves or shawls and their bodies with long flowing dresses. Non-Muslim women will be exempt from wearing headscarves, but should avoid wearing low-necked and tight-fitting clothes.

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Mini-skirt soldiers dance as North Korea ponders future

PYONGYANG: Women danced in mini-skirted military uniforms as North Korea marked the 60th anniversary of its communist party on Monday, while speculation mounted over whether its leader would use the occasion to name a successor. At an event attended by leader Kim Jong-il and thousands of his military brass and cadres on Sunday, the emphasis was on the keeping the military and ruling party strong. “In accordance with the party, we must fight harder against international threats,” the North’s No. 2, Kim Yong-nam, said in remarks carried on state television. The anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea is a time when the reclusive country revels in mass games and provides its citizens with a few extra bowls of rice to celebrate. But for this anniversary, outside attention has been focused on whether Kim Jong-il will name one of his three sons to a key post in the ruling party, which in effect would amount to naming a successor-in-waiting in the world’s only communist dynasty. reuters


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