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Bank Worker Busted for Up Skirt Photographing

by Bill

A 38-year old bank employee in Japan was busted for photographing up a woman’s skirt at a book store.

Violating an ordinance that prohibits people from creating a nuisance, the man fixed a camera to his shoe so he could take a shot at whatever was up the skirt of a 31-year old woman at a book store in Takasaki.

What!? Does he think nobody will notice there was a camera on his shoe?

Maybe not…the camera was 1cm (.4″) in diameter and he controlled it remotely through a device in his bag.


The store manager noticed that something was stupid about his behavior - (trying to get his foot under the woman while rummaging through a handbag can look goofy, I suppose.)

And, I wonder, just how much fun can it be to have an out-of-focused dark picture of somebody’s panties.




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