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Micro-mini skirt school uniforms draw perverts

Pictures from: aimatuyuki

Japanese girls in Shiga prefecture have a reputation for having the shortest skirts..super mini.

And they love that reputation despite the problems it brings.

Boys make a point to be at the train station in the morning when the girls get off...the train...the train.

Perverts flock (flock may be a bit strong) but they gather in Shiga with their video cameras and camera phones to take pictures up the little girls skirts.

The number of arrests for upskirt photo shots was up 250% last year over 2004.

I don't get it. What is fun about taking photos of little girl's panties? Anyway.

School officials know about the problem ...and are doing nothing, except "teaching our students to be aware that there is a danger that people will film up their skirts if they keep the hems so short."

The girls repsond with "We look good in miniskirts. What's wrong with that?" and..."There's nothing wrong with wearing a short skirt?"

One girl says, "What's wrong are those perverts who deliberately look at our panties. Why should we have to change our fashion just because of a bunch ofperverted old men?"

What's wrong with running around in the nude, too? Huh? Should the old geezers have to learn to not look?

What I really want to know, is what in the world is wrong with the school officials and the parents in this picture?

Pictures from: aimatuyuki

Have they no idea what their little girls's skirts are up to?

Maybe not...I remember riding on the train and seeing a group of girls roll up their skirts on the train right in front of God and everybody, until it was short enough for them and way too short for me.

School officials need to send the girls home. Dad's need to spend more time with their girls so the girls will know just how creepy 'old guys' can be. Maybe that will scare their skirts off, I mean, longer.


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