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Skirt ban for Ramsbottom schoolgirls

By Gaynor Clarke

8:06am Thursday 7th June 2007

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GOVERNORS at a Ramsbottom high school have decided to ban girls from wearing skirts and make them wear trousers instead.

The ban for girls at Woodhey High School will begin from September.

The decision has come because the pupils often roll skirts up at the waist to make them shorter, breaking the rule that they should be no more than three inches above the knee.

Governors claim that the short skirts create an "unfavourable image of the school" and can be "undignified and embarrassing" for girls sitting on the floor during assemblies and drama lessons.

A letter about the ban has been sent to parents and headteacher Mr Martin Braidley says there have only been "three or four" complaints from parents.

What do you think? Is the school right to ban girls wearing skirts?




Mini-skirts banned as part of High School Uniforms

June 3, 2007

The Japanese can really do mini-skirts, micro mini-skirts, when it comes to school uniforms.Once I was innocently riding on a train during the morning school rush hours and I tried NOT to watch several girls roll in the tops of their skirts at thewaist so that the hemline

would climb up over their knees, then up their thighs, then...well, maybe you get the  idea. They did it right there on the train, in front of God and everybody.

Mom or Dad never knew the difference because when they left home, the length was no problem.

School officials at Woodhey High School in Ramsbottom, Bury England have their own solution.

No more all.

The new bootleg trousers. Sounds sexy enough, eh?

Well...maybe if they add the new pink and white open-necked shirt instead of the old white shirt and school tie.

I am sure the girls will come up with something to do or undo on the open-necked thing.



Sexy and Cool clothes banned

KOTA BARU (from Kelantan, an all-Muslim state from M'sia) - It's been 4 days since the Women's Party Members were debating to protest the Govement's new law to improve the Islamic faith - by banning appealing clothes...the fine...RM 500 (US$175.50)...for any "indecent" dressings...the Govenor says that "in this way, people can be more sensible to respect Islam in a way of dressing...besides that, the Muslims can...get to practice their faith better than before,"

"This an outrage! It's the heart that counts you as an Islam, NOT as what you wear!" - Ministy of Women Department

"This is pointless...the ministy department...should focus on the poor!"

"Instead of dress codes, why does the ministy forgotten that there are other problems in Malaysia needed to be fixed, rather than making stricter rules?"

"It's a part of an identity...not even the Govement...can force us to wear the clothes! We are now humiliated as Malaysians, for we must wear, on the GOVERMENT'S APPROVAL?"

"I was fined until RM 670 (US$ 176.31) for "indecent" dressing...does pointed dresses are SEXY, I ask? And does sleeveless TOPS ARE "INDECENT"?"

"Because I've waitresses in "tight" skirts, I was fined with a warning to jail..."


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