Tips to avoid upskirt


8.Sitting Position

Upskirt Possibility at sitting(diagram)

Girls frequently caught up with such situation, on position of the knee together with the perspective spot between the upper limb of the skirt are 4 cm apart, but the distance from the hemline to your underwear is 12 cm, by the side looked of the

" exposed area " and the skirt will form a right triangle A B C (Diagram below)

If viewers eye E happen to be a straight line segment extended direction towards B to C ; Then point B will fall into his center field of vision, if we make E and vertical line to A and C, the vertical line segment extended straight line D and E makes a right triangle D, E, C can be similar with right triangle A, B, C.

If △ A, B, C , The A, B length is A, C 1/3 distance.

Therefore in C, D, E the D, E length also should be D, C 1/3 distance .

And because D, C is the contour interval between the viewer's eye and skirt.

Assume that this distance is 1.6 meters, then the length ( eye distance and the skirt height) X is 53.3 cm.

But if the height of the viewer is 170 centimeters when in a ordinary sitting posture, his eye and the skirt suspend actually can have 70 centimeters disparities.

In other words, he must position his head to as low as 17 cm, moreover in order to achieve this goal, he must let the buttocks lean forward about 45 cm in order to get a better view......

You may cover with your hands or a handbag on it

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