Tips to avoid upskirt


8.Upskirt at stairs

Upskirt Possibility at stairs(diagram)

Suppose the height of the viewer's is 1.7 meters, the height of the viewers eye is 1.6 meters, and the skirt altitude is 80 centimeters, on calculation every steps of the stair's height is 20cm , because of the eye level is greater then 80 centimeters, the distance by 4 stairs away, the viewers is imposible to get a good view the bottom of the skirt.

Where else, if the the distance of the viewers is 5~6 stairs away,the risk is even higher, till your distance is 8 stairs aways, at this possition is possible for the viewers to see everything under your skirt, it is advice to cover the skirt with your hand.

Cover the skirt with your hand

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