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Sizing rules for mini skirts

Wearing a mini skirt can come down to a choice of fashion versus comfort. Here are some tips for selecting the best length.

The mini skirt is back. Make that the mini-mini skirt, which is the style that falls very high above the knees and slightly below the bottom line, or make that the bottom's line. Mainly for the young and daring, this fashion statement can be difficult to manage if you're not quite comfortable with or used to it. The following guidelines might help you to become more familiar with this style:

1. For business casual wear, do not wear a skirt that is higher than four inches above the knee. A very short skirt can be hard to maneuver in an office setting. Sitting down in a group meeting or swiveling in your desk chair in a manner that exposes more skin than cloth may prove distracting to coworkers and unprofessional to management and clients. It's best to dress conservatively, even for casual business environments, rather than taking a chance on iffy office protocol.

2. Be careful how you sit down. You may have to slide into a public seat, especially in a crowded area, like a bus or cafeteria. Another option is to take a corner table or to sit down when no one is watching. Keep your legs together as you prepare to take your seat, and fold your legs modestly if need be. Try to sit in a way that keeps you from inadvertently touching another person.

3. Consider covering exposed thighs when sitting. You can do this by placing a book or purse in your lap, as well as another object like a bag of groceries. This technique is especially helpful when the fabric fits snugly or wants to ride up when you sit down. Practice sitting down and standing up at home before wearing the skirt in public to see how much skin becomes visible. Take along the right-sized accessory for use in public locations.

4. Wear mini's to appropriate places. Study fashion protocol to find out where mini skirts are welcome as well as locations where they don't belong. You don't want to be the only girl in a mini when you arrive for a wedding or an office party. If mini skirts are one of the acceptable options, ask about appropriate length. Perhaps six inches above the knee is more suitable to a party than the grocery store, although many such decisions will be best made by the wearer of a mini skirt.

5. Avoid drafts and check your underwear. It's best to avoid air currents that can unexpectedly catch you off guard and cause your skirt to flare in a breeze. Keep out of the way of such areas when possible. Also remember to wear attractive, neat underwear, as you cannot anticipate when a quick breeze or current may expose more than your legs. Check the fashion news to see what looks best for this potential scenario.

Mini skirts have come and gone over the past 40 years, and now they are back once more. Try on a mini in private before wearing one in public. Some things are better left to the imagination.


Author : Debra Johanyak


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