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Skirt Issue 2

"Without knowing exactly how old your daughter is..."

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The first thing I would consider is can she move without exposing herself?

By move I mean, can she walk, raise her arms, get in and out of cars, sit, stand

(whatever other movement you think is likely) without her underwear being seen.

One thing to really watch out for with short skirts is the way that they ride up when you sit.

A skirt can be an inch or two above the knee when standing but barely cover the bum and upper thigh when sitting. Of course if she is your very young, infant or toddler daughter you can get adorable frilled bloomers to match her dresses, thereby skirting around this length issue. Also if the skirts are for something like swing dancing, where even an appropriately long skirt is likely to fly up, there are dancewear websites that sell bloomers for grown-ups but I would say that is only an acceptable solution if she is dancing in swooshy skirt. (I know this because my sister is an avid swing dancer).

Another test I would use is having her stand with her arms at her side. If any portion of her fingers go past the skirt, I would say it is too short. This of course does not mean that if her fingers are all touching the skirt, that the skirt is necessarily long enough.

Thirdly remember that you are the parent and can make further rules if you think them suitable for your family’s situation. I would say that knee length should be long enough in most skirts (unless the occasion or circumstances require something longer).

Author : Mistral


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