Questionable fashion judgment

Southwest Airlines has a history of questionable fashion judgment

Southwest Airlines: Wardrobe of the Past

Hostesses in hotpants

Back when Southwest Airlines was a youngster, the airline was famous for its "hostesses in hotpants," as the airline advertised itself in these 1972 television commercials.

NBA cheerleader shows belly button at a Southwest Airlines publicity event

At an event benefiting the Lakers Youth Foundation, scantily-clad cheerleaders showed their stuff -- for the kids, you know -- at a Southwest Airlines gate, all part of regular publicity events held jointly by Southwest Airlines and the NBA. Too much skin to fly?

SW Airlines Chairman Herb Kelleher kisses employee in May 2004

When Southwest Airlines launched service in Philadelphia in May 2004, the attire was the height of silly and one photographer caught him unashamedly kissing a t-shirt-and-inflatable-hat-clad employee square on the lips.

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